Winter – Creating a Practice

In this day and age everyone is talking about self-care. As a dietitian and mindful eating expert, I am passionate about self-care. Unfortunately, the definition of self-care has changed over time and now often means dieting. Many people are ready to get off the dieting train (Hooray) by following a program or plan that eliminates specific foods (no white foods, sugar, gluten) or eliminates specific macronutrients (no carbs, no fat, low protein). While these plans and programs are not counting calories or tallying points they are considered restrictive, which is simply “dieting” spelled differently.

It takes a village to break free of restrictive eating, and the diet-culture surrounding us. Thank you, so much for joining us. Here are some wonderful resources to get you started. The Center for Mindful Eating created Mindful Eating Day. This annual celebration in January is a way for people, like you, to come together and use the power of awareness to change your relationship with food. Instead of counting calories, or fearing eating, join me and learn how to exist with food, peacefully.

I have created a Getting Started Guide! Compassionate Self-care is Essential

Here are some other Mindful Eating and HAES events that are happening.

Programs and mindful eating opportunities in 2018

January: 10-week, LIVE Core Concepts of Mindful Eating for Professionals.

Enjoy learning about mindful eating from your home. This live, internet-based training is limited to 8 health professionals and provides 40 CPE for Registered Dietitians from Skelly Skills. The program is broken into three sections and each week you will cover a new concept. Group discussion and interaction builds your network of support to craft your mindful eating message. Week 1: The Spirit of Non-judgment, Week 2: Meditation, Week 3: Self-kindness, Week 4: Sensory Experience While Eating, Week 5: Thought Experience, Week 6: Emotional Experience, Week 7: Identifying Your Needs, Week 8: Creating Your Intention, Week 9: Advocating for Your Practice, Week 10: Teaching Your Passion

January 22-28 ED/RD Pro Early Bird Discount – Save $100

January 15-25 Pre-printing discount, save $10 on the newest book, Diabetes Counseling and Education Activities: How to help without harping on weight. This book is written for type 2 diabetes.

February: Weight Neutral Diabetes Education Activities. This new program will help health professionals teach clients about type 2 diabetes in a weight-neutral way. This program can be tailored to your budget and learning needs. You can purchase the book, the book and CPE program or the book, CPE program and 7 webinars that review each of the 14 concepts presented in this unique program. Pre-order this book, in January!

February 16-19th, 3 Steps to Mindful Eating Retreat – Aryaloka Buddhist Center Newmarket NH, USA – This weekend retreat will also discuss three common obstacles to mindfulness and mindful eating and three helpful tools to overcome them. The retreat is open to anyone interested in cultivating mindfulness in daily life, or around food and eating in particular. Some prior experience of mindfulness meditation is helpful but not necessary for participation.

March: EDRD Pro Symposium – is the first of it’s kind. A completely online annual conference for eating disorder registered dietitians and professionals. Mark your calendar: 2018 EDRDpro Symposium coming March 1st – 4th 2018! Sign up on our Early Bird invite list to get notified of announcements, speaker schedule, topics and early bird pricing. If you weren’t part of the nearly 400 dietitians who attended the 2017 symposium, make sure you save the date for 2018. Visit for more information

Sign up for the April 10-week, LIVE Core Concepts of Mindful Eating for Professionals. Save $100 if you sign up in February and $50 if you sign up in March