Winter – Disordered Eating in Type 2 Diabetes

What is DEB in diabetes? 

In this issue of ‘The Thought Compass’, we will talk about DEB in type 2 diabetes.  The goal is to provide you with information, counseling tips, tools and discounts to help your clients decrease the frequency of disordered eating and improve their overall blood sugar. To accomplish this, here are five articles to advance your understanding.

  • You Can’t See an Eating Disorder is an overview of DEB in diabetes.
  • Six Steps to Use ‘The Thought Compass’ for Business discusses how engaging in reflection can help you and your business grow.
  • Set Anti-goals to Prevent Being Overwhelmed will explain the benefit of keeping your personal goals small manageable.
  • Weight Stigma and Diabetes Care – A client story is a story of how Kim, one of our clients, was able to use weight neutral diabetes care to achieve her health goals.
  • Quotes about DEB-D