Winter – The Value of Weight-neutral Care

Let go of the all or nothing view of non-dietingThis issue of The Thought Compass is about the value of being non-judgmental and weight-neutral with your clients. This quarter is packed with articles, counseling dialogs, links to other programs, and even a weight-neutral self-assessment.

Understanding the value of weight-neutral care isn’t possible until you recognize your own learning needs and strengths. Some amazing professionals have come together to create the weight-neutral self-assessment to help you evaluate your individual learning needs. By taking the weight-neutral self-assessment, you are saying, “It’s okay to let go of the flawed all-or-nothing, perfectionistic view of non-dieting.”

The self-assessment will allow you to focus on places to grow, instead of clinging to fears of being wrong or frustrations of not ‘getting it.’ The self-assessment is a critical step in the non-dieting movement, and “The Weight-neutral Self-assessment: A tool to help you explore your views on weight and weight-loss” explains why.

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