Focus on Behavior: Empower Your Clients Using a Weight-Neutral Approach to Diabetes Counseling Webinar (1 CPEU/CEU) – February 27, 2018

Teaching your clients with diabetes to focus on behaviors, rather than weight-loss is now possible. (No, weight loss is NOT a behavior–it’s an outcome!) Discover how you can uncouple diabetes care from weight loss! Discover how this change can actually free your clients to make changes that–paradoxically–can result in shifts in the scale. More importantly, it focuses on diabetes care that results in better self-care. This approach uses MI as its counseling foundation. A free client handout will be provided and reviewed. Led by Megrette Fletcher, MEd, RD, CDE, author of the new Weight-Neutral Diabetes Counseling and Education Activities: Helping Clients Without Harping on Weight (16 CPEU/CEU).

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe 2 studies that support a weight-neutral approach to diabetes care.
  • List two reasons why a weight-neutral approach is important in diabetes care.
  • List three ways a diet mentality can hinder diabetes management efforts.
  • List three ways the counselor can help adopt a weight-neutral counseling approach.
  • Use the Food Choices teaching activity as an alternative to meal planning.
  • Present Food Lists in a weight-neutral way.

1 CPEU/CEU FREE Premieres LIVE Tuesday, Feb 27th from 12-1 PM ET. Register now.

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