Mindful Eating For Professionals

Mindful Eating for Professionals

These programs will satisfy your craving for a more depth understanding and application of Mindful Eating.


with CPE

Price: $139.00 / CPE: 16


Brand New! We all know that diets don’t work. So why are we putting our diabetes clients on them? Break free of the weight-oriented mentality for diabetes control and free your clients to focus on wellness and healthy habits. This groundbreaking book, which uses Motivational Interviewing as its counseling foundation, embraces the newest research in diabetes and obesity: change happens when we release the client and ourselves from numbers on a scale and ‘you must do’s’. Features:

  • Why weight-neutral diabetes counseling? Understanding the rationale behind this simple, yet profound approach, and how to convey it to your clients.
  • An effective weight-neutral counseling framework when working with diabetes clients–plus practical tips for using it today!
  • Loads of innovative weight-neutral diabetes-oriented activities to use with clients–with handouts included! Learn to use The Insulin Knife, The Liver Sponge, the Blood Sugar Rocket, “What About Weight?” and many more with your diabetes clients.
  • Specific counseling dialogue, learning objectives tips and visuals accompany each activity, so you’ll feel confident and knowledgeable using each one!
  • Special sections on binge eating disorders and diabetes–increasingly prevalent–and how to help your clients

Megrette’s creative genius shines through in every aspect of this book, from the clarity of the language, to the humor of the examples, to the extensive counseling dialogue and just-right activities you can start using with your diabetes clients tomorrow! This truly unique book belongs in every RD’s and CDE’s counseling library.

Price: $179.99 / CPE: 32


Did you know The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating also has a self-paced CPE program? This program is accredited by The Commission on Dietetic Registration, CDR and is approved for 32 CPE by Skelly Skills.

Enjoy this self-paced program which includes:

  • The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating eBook
  • Detailed self-study guide and CPE exam

Price: $159 / CPE: 35


Discover how one book makes it easy to bring Mindful Eating into your sessions. Reviewed by over twenty mindful eating experts and Registered Dietitians, Discover Mindful Eating provides ideas, techniques and handouts that explain how to teach key concepts of Mindful Eating. A proven best seller for over five years this book is a “must have” for every professional who is teaching mindful eating.

Training & Webinars

Live training via Internet

Price: $799 / CPE: 40


You can also accelerate your learning by being a part of Megrette’s live training program. The program is an internet based, 10-week, 2-hours per week. Each week you will enjoy working in a small group of 8 students to dive deep into the ideas, questions, and practical application of mindful eating. The live training program is offered three times a year:

  • Winter Session – January
  • Spring – March
  • Fall – September.
On-Demand Program for the professional or institution

Price: Call for pricing


Am I Hungry Mindful Eating for Diabetes

Our new Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating for Diabetes Facilitator Training will prepare you to offer a comprehensive diabetes education curriculum.