Navigating Food Choices with Diabetes – MI (Motivational Interviewing) in Action

Counseling Scenario

Client: “Can I eat this with diabetes?” [Notice the question is asking for permission.]

Professional: “You are bright and able, what do you think?” [This question is affirming the client’s ability and encouraging autonomy. ]

Client: “Yes, because it is a low carb choice.” [Notice the client is pulling from his own knowledge.]

Professional: “And you enjoy X.”

Client: “Yes, but it isn’t very satisfying.” [Notice the client has an unspoken desire.]

Professional: “You would like to have something more satisfying to eat.” [This is a guess presented as a statement instead of a question which will help the client feel heard.]

Client: “Yes, but I am afraid to eat more because my blood sugar might go up.”

Professional: “What are your options to make this food more satisfying without it driving up your blood sugar?” [This question is pulling the client to identify options to meet his deeper desire.]

Client: “I could have Y with it. That might taste good.”

Professional: “What are some other ideas?” [This question is pulling for more ideas.]

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