Core Concepts of Mindful Eating Live Training

Core Concepts of Mindful Eating Live training via Internet

Accelerate your learning by being a part of Megrette’s live training program. The program is an internet based, 10-week, 2-hours per week. Each week you will enjoy working in a small group of 8 students to dive deep into the ideas, questions, and practical application of mindful eating.

Thru Sept 15, 2018, Early-bird price $799
CPE: 40

You believe in the freeing power of mindfulness over a restrictive, deprived, ‘diet-based’ mentality. Your clients hunger for it, too – a fact you can easily see. Here is a chance to train from the comfort of your home, live — not recorded, in a small group program.

Space is highly-limited space – secure your spot now! 

The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating understands there are two questions that need to be asked to see the big picture of mindful eating. The first is “What do I teach?” This question explores the pedagogue of mindful eating.  As a dietitian, you must ask, “Do I understand the basic steps of mindful eating? Can I outline a clear process to teaching mindful eating?”  If you are struggling, then The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating is the perfect training to help you clarify your instruction.

The second question is “How do I teach?” This portion explores the didactic aspects of mindful eating and advances your teaching and counseling skill. Many dietitians are “excellent” at teaching nutrition but get stuck and struggle a bit when the session moves from teaching to a more relationship-based coaching experience.  If this describes your experience than The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating can help.

Unless you have received additional training, your counseling skills may not be as advanced as your teaching skills.  If you have asked, “How can I deepen and advance my counseling skills without becoming a therapist?”  Then The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating Live Training is one part of a two-part training process. This program will offer you a terrific primer for understanding the basic of Motivational Interviewing. The second part is attending a 2 – 3 day MI training to transition your counseling skills from “good” to “excellent.” Taking an MI training will allow your counseling skills to come into alignment with your exceptional teaching skills.

“I have taken MI Training, Am I Hungry, Intuitive Eating, Mindful Eating Conscious Living, MECL, or Mindful Based Eating Awareness Training, and MB-EAT courses but I never got to use it with clients.”  Oh, my gosh! That sounds so familiar! The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating is a superb way to dust off those skills and start applying your knowledge. Remember The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating isn’t a specific program but examines “The Big Picture of Mindful Eating” and welcomes wisdom from many programs, encourages the exploration of concepts and practices to help you evaluate which tools, techniques, and approaches are effective for you!

The program is an internet based, 10-week, 2-hour per week training. Each week you will enjoy working in small groups of 8 students to dive deep into the ideas, questions, and practical application of mindful eating. The live training program is offered three times a year:

  • Winter Session
    • The next CCME live program will be January 15-March 26 (no class February 26)
    • Time TBA: but either 9-11 or 11-1 Eastern Time depending on student location.

This program offers an early bird discount when you register more in advance.

This program is accredited by The Commission on Dietetic Registration, CDR and is approved for 40 CPE for registered dietitians and diet technicians by Skelly Skills.

The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating Live Training provides 20 live CPEUs/20 self-study.

You will receive:

  • 20-hours of live instruction
  • The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating book
  • Guidance on meditation as well as an opportunity to lead a meditation
  • Exposure to mindful eating assessment tools used in research
  • Self-study opportunities using your clients and situations to advance your mindful eating skills and understanding

40 CPEU / CEU (Note: for those requiring live CE hours, this program provides 20 live CPEUs/20 self-study). A copy of CCME eBook is included in the price. Secure your spot now!

Praise for The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating Live Training

“I loved this mindful eating training. As a dietitian with only a couple years of work experience so far, I feel that this program was extremely valuable. It not only provided excellent information and resources, but also a supportive space for learning and growing in my field. I was challenged weekly with the concepts and by practicing motivational interviewing skills, which I am grateful for. Megrette is an excellent and experienced teacher, full of compassion.  I am so glad all our sessions were recorded – I will definitely be going back to re-listen and learn! I think I will continue to reap the benefits from taking this course even much later on in my career!

I also really loved doing meditations at the beginning of class! What a great way to start. And having the opportunity to write two of them for the group was a great challenge – I never thought I would be able to write and lead a meditation! (Let alone enjoy it! 😉 )

Also, the class inspired me to continue diving deeper with motivational interviewing – I am attending a training this June!”

— Kaytlin Kimball RDN


“I loved your “Live” Training of Core Concepts!!  In this course, live interactive learning between participants and teacher was a highly effective way of learning.  In reflection, I don´t think it would have been possible to understand some of the material without that interpersonal exchange.  Especially practicing Motivational Interviewing techniques with role playing and being able to ask questions each week was extremely helpful. It was great to meet other professionals who were also interested in this topic, and the personal interaction that comes with live learning was so much fun that I miss everyone as well too.

After being in dietetics and teaching weight loss for so many years and knowing that diets don´t work, I believe you have found the way to help our clients through the “Core Concepts of Mindful Eating” in truly attaining a positive, healthy relationship to their food and bodies.”

— Mary Norrito-Koller, MS, RDN


“Megrette has a gift for teaching mindful eating in a concise and practical manner. I enjoyed the Core Concepts in Mindful Eating course, as she presented the material with the perfect balance of her professional experiences and the latest research while keeping the client as the main focus.”

Lori C.N. Welter, MD, MS, MBA


“This was a comprehensive program encompassing learning that was both cognitive and experiential on the topics noted above. The program facilitator is an excellent teacher. She brings both a wealth of experience and learning tools to the course, and thoroughly models its principles. The program provided ample time for questions, participant interaction, feedback, and support.  As a result of this program, I feel very confident in my ability to teach these principals in both group and individual sessions. I am consistently using these concepts in my nutrition counseling. I conducted a lunchtime ‘Introduction to Mindful Eating’ program in my workplace, and the participants asked for additional sessions. My mindfulness practice has been enhanced by this program. I am very grateful for the opportunity to train with Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed. RD CDE and to share this experience with a wonderful group of health care professionals.”

Barbara Boothbay, MS RD