Woman eating healthyIt is hard to believe that Mindful Eating is not a diet or weight loss plan. The confusion continues when day after day you read new research about the benefits of Mindful Eating. So, how can it not be a diet?

Dieting, AKA restrictive eating, is the opposite of mindful eating. Mindful eating works because it helps your clients change their relationship with food and eating. It isn’t about rules, can’t, not allowed, and shouldn’t. In fact, with mindful eating there is less focus on what you are eating, and more focus on why a person is eating!

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 About Megrette

Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RD, CDE. is a pioneer in the field of Mindful Eating, and has developed the Mindful Eating Map. This five-step guide offers a clear way out of the dieting dead end that so many people find themselves trapped in. Craving-More is based on the book, The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating, and the 3-Steps to Mindful Eating Retreat.