Woman eating healthyIn this issue of The Thought Compass will walk through the possible benefits of decreasing disordered eating in type 2 diabetes and the impacts on diabetes care. This issue is engaging to read because it asks you to imagine. To be the client is either aware that disordered eating behaviors are present and the client isn’t. Digging into this thought exercise, it asks you to imagine the impact of awareness. This issue asks you to imagine how disordered eating impacts health, treatments, outcome, and overall diabetes care. It asks you to be the client, for just a moment and explore what diabetes care looks like to them, a person struggling with a poor relationship with food.

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Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RD, CDCES. is a pioneer in the field of Mindful Eating and has developed the Mindful Eating Map. This five-step guide offers a clear way out of the dieting dead-end that so many people find themselves trapped in. The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating and the Core Concepts Mindful Eating Online Retreat for professionals is an excellent way to learn more about mindfulness and mindful eating.