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This classic bestseller has been completely revised and updated for its second edition!
This book will give you the skills and confidence to use mindful eating in your practice by combining mindful eating with motivational interviewing. It addition this best selling book has been updated to be completely weight-neutral. This visually appealing book was written by mindful eating expert Megrette Fletcher, MEd, RD, CDE, it is designed to give RDs and CDEs the practical tools to use mindful eating for a variety of counseling scenarios including diabetes management, bariatric counseling, and disordered and emotional eating. Features 50 client-ready handouts on Mindful Eating activities for either the counseling session or client self-directed learning.

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The Core Concepts in Mindful Eating is every professionals How To book which explains more than the benefits of mindful eating. It offers evidence based counseling techniques that include Motivational Interviewing, Self-compassion training, Non-violent Communication, and 25 years of Megrette’s practical experience broken down into three understandable sections.

Introduction: Why Mindful Eating?
Section 1: Non-Judgment, Meditation, and Self-kindness
Section 1 will focus on engaging in knowledge regarding what is non-judgment, meditation, self-kindness.

  • Chapter 1: The Spirit of Nonjudgment
  • Chapter 2: Meditation
  • Chapter 3: Self-kindness

Section 2: Introduces the reader to the Mindful Eating Map. This map outlines five steps to bring mindful eating into a daily practice. This section builds on the learning of non-judgment, meditation, and self-kindness and allow the mind to focus and remain present with sensory/physical, cognitive/thought and emotional/feelings

  • Chapter 4: Sensory Experience While Eating
  • Chapter 5: Thought Experience
  • Chapter 6: Emotional Experience

Section 3: Introduces the reader to Steps 3-5 of the Mindful Eating Map. In steps 3-5 the reader begins to identify their personal needs and to take steps to reduce their unmet needs. This continue by establishing the intention to meet needs with self-compassion and the final step is to advocate for yourself ethically.

  • Chapter 7:Identifying Your Needs
  • Chapter 8:Creating Your Intention
  • Chapter 9: Advocating for Your Practice
  • Chapter 10: Teaching Your Passion

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Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat for Diabetes BookAfter receiving a diagnosis of prediabetes or diabetes, you may believe that the days of eating what you love are over. Between making lifestyle changes, monitoring your blood glucose levels, and preventing complications, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed or scared.

The good news is that you can take charge of your diabetes management without dep-rivation or guilt by learning to use the Mindful Eating Cycle to guide you. Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat with Diabetes is a non-restrictive, mindful approach to thriving with diabetes. This book will help you discover how eating and physical activity affect your blood sugar so you can make decisions that support your good health without sac-rificing the foods you love.

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Helping Your Clients Break Free from Shaming

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Skelly Skills The Weight of Shame SeriesShame is a harmful emotion that is felt by clients young and old. This is especially true for those who are battling weight management, mood disorders and disordered eating. There is a strong connection between shame, eating disorders, dieting and depression. Learn the fascinating research behind this toxic emotion, and the crucial role YOU–the counselor–can play in combating it.

This CE course features three webinars:
  • Webinar 1: Understanding and Identifying Shame and Developing Shame-Resilience in Clients Struggling with Weight Management
  • Webinar 2: Shame, Weight Management and the Connection to Eating Disorders
  • Webinar 3: Shame, Weight Management and the Connection to Depression
You’ll learn:
  • The 12 triggers of shame
  • What shame-resilience is, and how the OOPS counseling skill can help.
  • Why empathy is important in combating shame, and how it relates to brain development.
  • How to apply counseling skills in a group setting to convey the difference between ‘a practice’ and ‘practicing’.
  • The difference between guilt and shame–they are not the same!
  • How to help client recognize triggers for shame and develop resilience to them.
  • MANY counseling skills, dialogue and activities to counter shame and build empathy in both group and one-on-one settings.
  • Megrette’s masterful presentation style is skill- and technique-oriented! It’s designed to build your counseling effectiveness and confidence with clients struggling with weight, shame and its many toxic effects. Don’t wait another minute to learn about this emerging research topic and innovative ways help your clients!

5 CPEU/CEU. Includes 3-part webinar series and online CE exam. Link to access the webinar will be emailed within 1 business day of purchase.

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On-Demand Program for the professional or institution

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