Megrette Fletcher is a dietitian, diabetes educator and an international speaker on mindful eating. She has presented at American Association of Diabetes Educators, Food Nutrition Conference and Expo, as well as state and regional conferences. She has traveled internationally to help train professionals around the world. She enjoys working with child-care centers, school systems, professional organizations and business interested in bringing the concept of mindfulness and mindful eating deeper into their corporate culture.

How Megrette can help

  • Participant or Employee training for empowerment and health
  • Corporate training to increase understanding of mindfulness and mindful eating
  • Mindful Eating Research including using developed material as part of a research protocol.
  • Helping school systems and child-care centers use mindful eating
  • Teacher training for mindful eating and non-dieting nutrition education
  • Product image and promotion consulting.

Contact Megrette

Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RD. CDE
Phone: 603-778-5841 Eastern Time Zone