Diabetes Counseling and Education Activities

Welcome to the Diabetes Counseling and Education Activities Resources Center

This webinar series will give you the deep dive you crave! and help you understand how to use the weight-neutral counseling approach with your diabetes clients. Using Motivational Interviewing counseling approach, you’ll learn how to use weight-neutral terminology, and simplify complex topics using innovative language, analogies, and concepts. The number of tools you have as a dietitian and or diabetes educator will increase after this hands-on series. This series provides a chance for you to explore dialogue, case studies and practical handouts which you can use immediately with your clients. The schedule and topics are available and even if you miss a live session it will be recorded and available on-demand on your schedule!

Weight-neutral Diabetes Care

Interested in advancing your skills as a weight-neutral professional in diabetes care? Please join the Weight-neutral for Diabetes Care, WN4DC, professional Facebook group. Administered by five leading weight-neutral diabetes professionals you will have a chance to ask questions, learn about research and deepen your understanding of HAES principles. 

All professionals and students working in diabetes care are welcome. Please answer the two questions including taking the HAES pledge.