November, 2023 Newsletter

November is a quirky month because it pulls me in many directions. Part of me wants to be busy, getting my gratitude on with the holidays, and the other part wants to be in my cozy clothes, read books, and bake. What do you want to do in November?

Professionally, November is Diabetes Awareness Month. This year, I wrote an article about diabetes stigma for No Weight Loss Required, a free weight-inclusive newsletter for people with type 2 diabetes. I am glad was created, and they are doing some fantastic work connecting a client’s reluctance to care and diabetes stigma.
No Weight Loss Required is a resource for your clients interested in support for their weight-inclusive journey between sessions. 

Join me by helping more organizations make the connection between access to care and the many types of stigma, including weight stigma, in healthcare. For the last few years, I have been taking a deep dive into stigma and oppression. If you are also interested in untangling the many stigmas that are part of diabetes care, head over to Inclusive Diabetes Care. There, you will find 12 continuing education programs to get you started. The live course and coaching option will end in 2023 but the CPE are available as a self-paced option. This includes our Trauma-Informed Care for diabetes program.

In the October newsletter, I shared that I am changing jobs because I care for my 92-year-old mother. I am so grateful that the universe has allowed me to see clients remotely via Nourish nutrition services.  

What is happening in Nov and Dec 2023


Heather Sayers Lehman at The Air We Breathe: Stories of diet culture, and I had a lovely chat about inclusive diabetes care. Look for this episode on her site.

Technology Is Medicine (for people with diabetes) and it was fun to talk with founder Miguel John at Get Milton, an AI assisted way for clients to share blood sugar.  

Substack Writers I love

This writing platform is replacing popular social media feeds like Facebook, and existing blogging like Medium because it allows writers to get paid, when you subscribe. There is a free version to most articles and many known anti-diet nutritionists and fat advocates are on this platform. Below are a few you might have missed. 

Anjali Prasertong, author of The Antiracist Dieititan is back, writing from her heart and lived experience. Her latest post is amazing, and there are so many tee shirt worthy quotes in “I will fail you” that are brillant. 

Burnt Toast – Is a talented and humorous fat positive writer that has the ability to entertain as she dismantals weight and diet culture in everything! From motherhood to Britteny Spears, Virginia Sole Smith explains how pop culture and dieting are woven together.

Gisela Alvarez, creator of Something to Chew On, provides a mix of food, eating, nutrition and life that I am savoring. 

Glorious Ordinary is written by Valerie Spain, an antiracist, DEI, mindfulness teacher with type 1 diabetes. Her gifted writing about ordinary life is presented in such a way that it opens the my mind, and widens my heart. 

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