Researcher’s Wisdom – Quotes regarding the harm associated with DEB-D

Learning more about DEB – D begins with a key article by Deborah L. Young-Hyman and Catherine L. Davis titled Disordered Eating Behaviors in Individuals with Diabetes. This review article was published in 2010 in the Diabetes Care Journal, which reviews over 100 journal articles. Here are some quotes from this amazing article, which is a ‘must’ read on the topic. 

  • “As glycemic control improves, weight gain is a common side effect of successful treatment with insulin.”
  • “Increase weight can require increasing doses of insulin or secretagogue treatment to control blood glucose, which can lead to increased hunger, hypoglycemia, and dietary intake.”
  • “Eating more might be a response to overinsulinization and episodes of hypoglycemia because both “strongly activate appetite regulation in the hypothalamus.”
  • “Destruction of B-cells results in the inability to secrete both insulin and amylin, contributing to dysregulation of appetite and satiety.”
  • “Behaviors considered triggering and consequences of DEB are embedded in the diabetes treatment regimes.”
  • “Behaviors and attitudes such as dietary restraint, food preoccupation and programed exercise are prescribed components of diabetes care.”
  • “Difficulty with diabetes self-management could appear to be DEB.”
  • “…increased perfectionism due to accountability to health care providers regarding self-care behaviors and glycemic status, lower self-esteem and body image secondary to diagnosis and treatment and weight gain due to the initiation of treatment.”

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