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The Bad, The Good, and the Not Effective

The Thought Compass - Fall 2019: The Bad, The Good, and the Not Effective.

The Thought Compass Newsletter is a quarterly publication by that explores topics for health professionals by applying mindful eating and motivational interviewing principles to find a weight-neutral solution for your clients.

The Thought Compass Newsletter

Diabetes Care

I Want To Stop Promoting Dieting To Manage Type 2 Diabetes!

Thank you, for helping the more than 370 million people worldwide with diabetes move away from the scale and unsustainable restrictive eating patterns to find better glucose control by focusing on size-acceptance, consistent self-care behaviors, and diabetes care. My newest book, Weight Neutral Diabetes Counseling and Education Activities: Helping clients without harping on weight is available. There are three professional options to choose first, you can choose to simply buy the book. Another option is you can buy the book and sign up for an in-depth CPE video series or third you can get the book and engage in a self-paced CPE program via Skelly Skills!

Mindful Eating Cycle

The Mindful Eating Cycle

Mindful eating is an ancient practice with profound applications in our current food-abundant environment. The Mindful Eating Cycle provides the necessary structure for learning how to apply the concepts to all aspects of eating, beginning with why you eat in the first place all the way through understanding where you invest the energy you’ve consumed.

Am I Hungry?

Although it is a deceptively simple title, the question “Am I hungry?” opens the door to understanding why, when, what, how, and how much you eat, and where you invest your energy. All of the Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Programs including Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat with Diabetes, use the Mindful Eating Cycle, a simple model developed by founder Michelle May MD, to help you become aware and in charge of the hundreds of eating decisions you make every day. (To learn more, download the first chapter of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat by visiting and filling out the form in the sidebar.)

Discover Mindful Eating for Kids

Mindful Eating for Kids

Teaching children about noticing hunger and fullness is easy with this age specific hunger/fullness rating tool made for children. Designed for Discover Mindful Eating For Kids! 75 Activities for Managing Picky Eaters, Overeaters, Speed Eaters and Every Kid In-Between. This fun, full color hunger/fullness scale uses the engaging and adorable Hunger and Fullness Peas, which helps kids know that being either too hungry or too full is “Ouchie”. Teaching children from the start to recognize and honor their hunger and fullness is a great way to bring mindful eating into the home.

Looking for more ideas to talk about mindful eating with kids and their families? Visit Mindful Eating for Kids blog.

Get more than just 35 CPE, learn how to bring the concept of mindful eating to kids and their families! Buy Discover Mindful Eating for Kids and treat yourself to 75 different activities to that make teaching healthy eating interactive and fun!

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