Using The Thought Compass to Explore Opportunity

Thought Compass - OpportunityThe Thought Compass is an activity that I created for The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating. It is a modified mind map, which is a learning tool to help short out ideas and see connections. I have been using this tool for about 10-years and continue to see the value of looking for the “big picture”. In this activity, place the word Opportunity in the center of the compass.

On the North, South, East and West sides of the compass, jotted down four opportunities that you would like to explore this summer. For myself, I wanted to focus on re-connecting with myself and my spiritual practice. Next, identify as least 3 ideas for each of the North, South, East and West headings. Then check to see if there are some connections between the larger subjects. For myself, I wrote spiritual practice and family as a North and East heading. I like to share my spiritual practice with my family and I also see the connection between being in nature (which is part of my spiritual practice) and connecting with friends. The purpose of the Thought Compass is to generate ideas and to sort out your deepest desires. When I see a true wish or deep desire pop-up in my journal, I will circle, highlight, or even draw arrows and make a note – explore more. You can do so many things with the Thought Compass if you hold in your heart, there isn’t a right way to do this. You are simply exploring the desires that float about in the brain in an organized way.

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